Choosing The Best Family Tent

You may need a tent that you need once or twice a year for a festival. Others, on the other hand, want to use the tent as a real outdoor fan many times a year. We show you the points you should look for when buying a tent and how to find a tent that best suits your needs. 

Factors that make a good family tent

  • The size - for how many people is the tent suitable? 
    One of the most important points of a litter is its size. Is the tent intended only for you as an individual or should you be able to sleep 2, 3 or more persons? Should the pack size be as small as possible in order to be able to transport the tent on a bicycle or on its back or does the pack size play no role? These are important questions, which you should answer yourself beforehand in order to be able to exclude directly some tents from the possible selection. If you already know exactly how many people the tent is intended, you can select the tents available by us at the top of our navigation using the "Size" option. Small note on the edge: If you take a lot of luggage on your trip, look at something like the coleman instant tent 8 so that you have plenty of room. 
  • Waterproof and wind resistance - How high is the water column? 
    The water density of a tent is given in the water column. According to DIN regulations, a water column is considered as water-tight from 1,500. Read more about the water column here . If the litter should be watertight, the water column must be at least 1,500. Our recommendation is that the water column should be as high as possible since the value slowly decreases through repeated use.
  • Additional equipment and comfort
    Super and comfortable is also always an additional equipment of the tent. Small pockets make for more order in the tent. Practical are also always awnings, which in the best case also equipped with a tent floor. For example, the tents can also be opened for ventilation in the rain, without getting wet in the tent or in the vestibule. Some high-quality cottons are also equipped with interior lighting.
  • Reviews of other customers
    When choosing the right turf tent, we also always take a look at the reviews of other customers. In our description of the tents  , you will also find a summary of positive and negative characteristics of a tent described by other customers. Such customer descriptions are often more revealing than pure product descriptions.
  • The price
    Last but not least, the price also plays a role. As an outdoor professional you will probably hardly expect to get the absolute top tent for under 50 euros. On the other hand, it is not always necessary to buy an expensive tent. For festivals and short events, there are already great and reliable cuddles under 100 euros .